The General Overseer of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) Pastor Mensa Otabil has told the electorate that it is “an insult” on their intelligence if they put their votes on autopilot.

According to him, voters need to do a holistic assessment of their lives before casting their ballots on December 7, 2016.

“Since 1992 I have voted for different parties and different candidates, it is an insult to your intelligence to put your vote on autopilot,” Pastor Otabil stated in a special sermon on voting ahead of the general elections.

He added: “Look at the proposal on the table before you vote and demand accountability, if they fail, punish them. Voting won’t put food on your table but it will determine what food is on your table.

“Your vote should not be fixed. Your vote is always an expression of a proposal in agreement with you. So you may support a party one year and you may not support them another year. You may support a candidate one year and not support him or her in another year because the proposal they put on the table this time is not in your best interest.”

Dr. Otabil said the quality of one’s life largely depends on a vote which will be cast considering the fact that, a mandate will be given for the formation of a government to control national affairs.

He added “a nation becomes what it votes for” and therefore Ghanaians should be mindful of who they elect into power.

In his view, if every Ghanaian sees the upcoming elections as a means of shaping their future and that of the country, it will help to put politicians on their toes.

“If every Ghanaian thinks like that, our politicians will stop distributing T-Shirts and making songs and giving money and playing games with our minds. They will know that they have a people who respect their vote.

“That there is a secret responsibility and anytime they go into that ballot box they are there to think about their hopes and aspiration and the aspiration of the nation and they want a better life for themselves,” Pastor Otabil told his congregation.

Source: Daily Guide