Chief of Osino, Osabarima Otu Darko, has urged government to engage traditional rulers in the fight against the illegal mining in the country.

He made the comments when the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources visited the area to have a dialogue with opinion leaders on the state of the Birim river and its impact on the Ghana Water Company Limited.

He observed that the government is struggling in the fight against galamsey because the traditional authorities have been sidelined.

He said the government will not achieve its needed results as he claims that the anti-galamsey task force enters the communities to combat illicit mining without seeking advice from the chiefs.

He noted that it wrong for anyone to fault the Chiefs as government is responsible for leasing concessions to the miners.

Osabarima Otu Darko said he was in total support of the government’s effort to fight illegal mining that has destroyed our water bodies.