Online gambling is very popular in Canada. Millions of natives take part in online gambling intending to make a fortune at the end of the day. Gambling Guy is one of the most visited online platforms when it comes to sports betting.

Before you jump unto the bandwagon, you need to know what you are about to get yourself into. Is gambling legal in Canada? Well, let’s have a look at the stipulations of the law on the aspect of gambling.

The laws on gambling in Canada

Local laws on gambling are complicated in Canada. The government has, however, allowed different forms of land-based gambling to take place in the country, just like other parts of the world. The same has also applied to online gambling. However, some laws on gambling remain unclear. Most of the online gambling firms are regulated in their operations. The government has also restricted companies from running poker rooms in different corners of Canada because of various reasons. It has also emerged that Kahnawake native reserve is the home of most gambling firms.

Several overseas firms have their servers in this region and they have been spreading across the country in the recent past. It is worth noting that from the point of a player, gambling is not illegal in Canada but the government has adopted different laws to ensure that the process is regulated. Despite the regulations on the betting field, Canada remains one of the most conducive environments for those who want to engage in betting. Unlike other nations where those engaging in gambling fear to lose their hard-earned cash at the end of the day, gambling in Canada is safe. The safety is among the reasons the activity has become widespread in the country.

Gambling was legal in Canada before 1982 before certain laws were enacted to curb increased cases of crime. The government made casual raffles and bingo legal at most of the charitable events in 1900 but prohibited other forms of gambling. The gambling sector became more popular in 1985 after the government made the gambling machines. Investors from different sectors of the economy opted to throw the hat in the ring after the machines were declared legal. Over the years, casinos started making their way in various regions as players' numbers increased.

Criminal Code

The code can be defined as the bill that defines what illegal gambling means. The various provinces tend to operate as well as regulate gambling. The provincial administration also grants a license to allow the web-based and local-based firms to operate. Companies without licenses are not allowed to run their operations in Canada.

All the gambling activities are considered illegal unless they are exempted in specific parts of the criminal code. Gamblers are expected to understand the criminal code in Canada to avoid finding themselves on the wrong side of the law. Part VII of the criminal code outlines gaming provisions that have been prohibited in Canada. However, the law provides the provincial governments with the right not only to organize but also control lotteries. The online platforms are also regulated by the provisional governments in a bid to control cases of criminals.

There is a required criterion a casino is expected to meet before it gets the license to operate in Canada. The legislation model has been adopted as a way of trying to create a favorable environment for internet gambling to thrive amid increased cases of crime. According to the model, the provincial governments have the mandate to monitor, control as well as regulate the gambling industry.

The government’s principles include payout guarantee, fair gaming, and geographical reference. The Canadian government does not give local companies licenses to operate online casinos. The government allowed the provincial administrations to take charge of gambling after they started holding lotteries.


Most of the online betting companies are based outside Canada. Some of the gamblers find it tricky to withdraw their winnings at the end of the day. Visa is among the most used method to withdraw winnings in online casinos in Canada. However, the option is not accepted in all of the casinos. Sometimes players compelled to find to go for third party transfer alternatives to get their winnings. Players also need to know that some of the Casinos in this nation prefer the use of wire transfers while others are okay with other methods of payments.

Deposit methods

There are different deposit methods used by online casinos in this country. The most commonly used method when it comes to deposits is Citadel. The method offers gamblers a specialized form of payment via the internet. Most gamblers prefer the technique because it is safe and secure. Citadel has also been designed to offer customers several offers including Electronic internet checks.

The internet checks offer gamblers an opportunity to conduct their transactions with ease. The method is also convenient, inexpensive as well as reliable. Those who engage in online gambling can do the same using their mobile devices or computers. Mobile gadgets have emerged as the most popular method used to conduct transactions. Unlike other methods, Citadel does not entail the use of credit cards.

Players only require valid bank accounts to use this method to perform online transactions. Creating a Citadel account is a breeze. Players only need to fill their personal information in their portals to get started. Citadel uses encryption technology to protect users from fraud, which makes the method 100% safe as well as secure when conducting money transfers. The fact that the system is very fast has made it a top choice for gamblers.

Visa is also another method used to deposit funds when betting. Betting firms offer different types of visas that can be used to perform all kinds of transactions. The Visas have been created to suit the different needs of customers. Players are only expected to visit the online platforms deposit section and then fill the deposit sections. Players can start playing instantly once their money transactions have been approved.

MasterCard is also another reliable method of depositing funds in a player's account. The options offer reliable as well as easily divertible products. The method is also secure and accepted by different customers. The brand offers customers different options ranging from prepaid, credit and debit cards. The brands can be used for making easy deposits online.

The MasterCard, however, does not allow players to make the withdrawal of their casino winnings, unlike Visas. Most players prefer prepaid cards when making transactions as opposed to other forms of deposits. The fact that the prepaid card comes with a limit makes it an ideal option for most of the online casino players. It is also important to note that the cards have expiry dates and they are re-loadable.

The final verdict

Online gambling is indeed legal in Canada. The government has, however, adopted different laws to regulate the process. Most of the online casinos are owned by overseas companies as you can see on GamblingGuy Canada. The popularity of online gambling has been on the rise because of safety, security and winnings players generate from the same.

Different provincial administrations have established laws to ensure that gambling is within the stipulations of the country. All gambling companies are supposed to acquire a license from the provincial administration before they can run operations in any part of Canada.