Caucus for Democratic Governance, Ghana

08. 03. 2020

Is This An Abject Democracy Or Tribal Dictatorship?

The Caucus for Democratic Governance, Ghana (CDG--GH), has observed, with concern, the abject democracy Ghanaians are increasingly complaining about. A new type of democracy that can be equated to tribal dictatorship that seeks to plunge Ghana into chaos.

There is total disregard for the interest of Ghanaians. Their suggestions and contributions to governance are not considered. In spite of hues and cries of the people, the Government continues to set aside important social priorities and decides to build a cathedral pulling down many national structures including the bungalows of judges. Radio stations, for bizarre reasons, are closed down and journalist are harassed and intimidated during Regional referendum among others. And some have to lose their lives as a result of undercover investigation

Para military training of NPP youth by South African military personnel which started in 2016, and continued at the castle, saw its climax during the Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election; when armed masked men in Police vehicles brutalized innocent citizens who had gone to exercise their franchise; killing and wounding many. As I write not a single person has been arrested or prosecuted. A clear indication that citizens are worth nothing in the eyes of those in governance. Is this democracy?

In addition to the many promises made by Nana Addo and Dr Bawumia, (to deceive the people) we were made to understand, that the economy of Ghana would be moved from taxation to productivity. Three years down the lane, the Government has borrowed over 290 billion Ghc and invested it in consumption instead of productivity. Projects such as Drones, building of cathedral , changing of the National register, frequent travels and hiring of planes and holiday trips with children and grand children costing billions of dollars are issues occupying Nana Addo`s government instead of job creation for the people, which is one of the top priorities.

About a year ago, 10 Banks were closed down. This was followed by the closure of 347 Microfinance Companies and 28 savings and Loans Companies. Now, within the last few week, another 53 Fund Management Companies have lost their licenses. All these were carried out under the cover of Banking reform. It is not the Banking reform which is a problem, but the way the reforms are carried out leading to massive lose of about 100,000 jobs. The voices of consideration from the citizens did not move Nana Addo.

When NPP took over power in 2017, they decided to stop galamsay, which all Ghanaians supported. With the help of Operation Vanguard Team Thy violently drove the youth out of the galamsay and small scale mining sites; seized their bulldozers, tractors and the gold they had processed. It is now clear that the Central Regional Deputy Chairmen of the NPP and many party big whips seized and sold what they collected because the NPP party needed money for the 2020 election campaign.

As a result of the sales, they were able to earn $2.6 billion for NPP electioneering campaign. The amount of gold seized earned them $1.5 billion and the tractors they sold earned them $500 million. This is the damage NPP under Akufo Addo can do to Ghana and her citizens. For Akufo Addo, the voice of the people (which is the voice of God) does not count. The galamsayers, their wives and children lost their daily bread with no attempt to create new jobs for them. The people do not matter.

Just yesterday a team of military men with blessings from above entered the Trade Fair grounds in the night and bulldozed down a complete factory of a Ghanaian Businessman, worth 10 million, and employing 120 people. The people are now jobless and governance does not care because the people are not important in the eyes of governance. As long as we have the police and the Army to protect the President who closes down at will, Ghanaian banks, demolish Ghanaian factories, kill and wound innocent voters, clear corrupt and criminals of his party; we cannot talk of DEMOCRACY. It is tribal Dictatorship.

BY Caucus for Democratic Governance, Ghana (CDG--GH)