The signs on the walls are good, the spirit of many are seriously high. But the stakes can not be ruled out.

Someone who can not account for proceeds of PDS, will not just fold his arms. Someone who attempted to steal an amount of $9 on each dosage of vaccine will do everything possible to survive!!! 2024 is for us to take.

The diarrhoea that the first phase of the thank you tour caused the outgoing party with its 3 unsuccessful rebuttals should tell you something.

The grassroots are poised, the constituencies are ready and the regional executives are not looking back. Phase two coming off next week, will definitely bring us another perspective.

With all these, I should be happy seeing power rolling back to the NDC, but no, I am not. We are not fighting our threats enough.

The first threat I want to talk about is our mistrust. We all believe we love this party, we mean well, we will always go the extra mile, but we find it difficult to trust the ones holding the torch. It must be me, If it's not me, or my preferred person, then there are questions about it.

A party which is not ready to trust its leaders at all levels will always find its issues at the market place. We are always in a hurry to sacrifice ourselves. Comrades, our issues are too much on the tables for sale. Let's focus and stop finding problems where there are none.

At this point my heart goes out to every member of Parliament. I don't envy you. *NOT FOR A DAY*

I know the toils you go through to reassure the grassroots, the NDC fraternity and the nation in general. I will continously sing your praise, and let your songs be heard.

I will do this because the face of the 2024 campaign will just not rest on the shoulders of the flag bearer, but you as well. We can't afford to go into an election with bruised or dented generals. You are the faces of our constituencies.

Your credibility, honor, integrity must be protected by all of us with all diligence. You toiled to attain these heights for all of us.

Not to deviate, some of you must also be careful where you sit and talk. Our elders say, walls have ears, but it looks like they are gaining eyes and mouths now. A person going to hunt for an elephant doesn't get distracted with songs from birds, nor sleep under trees in the deep forest.

For us who are active on social media, let's kindly double check on issues before taking it out. For those with guns, shoot into the forest, it may gain you a game, but if you shoot into your own house, be prepared for the cost of the funeral.

The 'Better Days' ahead, will not just walk to us, we must work towards.

Let's trust ourselves, share informations across our ranks. Calm nerves when stress and fatigue sets in. Know who you are with at all times, people believe what your friends say about you. Choose them right.

Have a fruitful weekend

Kun fa Yakun