Renowned highlife musician Akwasi Opoku popularly with stage name ‘Kwaisey Pee’ has revealed that he has three kids from different women but he is still single hoping to be married someday.

According to him, he has never been married before but an amorous sexual relationship with some women he failed to name, resulted in the children he is currently fathering.

Speaking to host of Ultimate Brunch and Lunch Naa Klordey Odonkor he said “there are a number of reasons why am still single. It is just that i am unlucky despite doing things right. I do a lot of things but it is still not working right for me. I am doing nothing about it now. I am just relaxed and waiting on the lord for the right time”

He believes he may have been looking for love at the wrong places the reason none of his relationships have worked out and metamorphosed into marriage revealing that his ideal woman is an obedient, God-fearing, submissive and hardworking adding that beauty will be an addendum.

“I need somebody who is down to earth. Beauty does not in play in because I have done and seen it all so what I need now is someone who is down to earth. I just want to go with the flow and whatever comes on my way I grab it”, he emphasized.

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