In the wake of the Ivory Coast national team's triumphant win at the 2023 African Cup of Nations (AFCON), the Ivory Coast Football Federation has fulfilled its contractual obligations with Ligue 1 club Clermont Foot by paying out €50,000.

The Elephants clinched the prestigious AFCON trophy by staging an impressive comeback to defeat Nigeria 2-1 in the finals held on February 11.

This payment forms part of a distinctive set of clauses outlined in Emerse Fae's contract, which delineated financial arrangements contingent upon specific conditions.

Emerse Fae, a former midfielder for FC Nantes, had previously been serving as the coach of Clermont's reserve team until June 2022, with his contract initially slated to conclude in 2024.

However, when the Ivorian Football Federation sought Fae's expertise and offered him a position as an assistant coach for the national team, Clermont agreed to release Fae, specifying particular terms within the agreement.

These terms included the organization of a friendly match to be hosted by Clermont before June 2024.

Additionally, Clermont established a payment clause entitling them to €25,000 in the event of the Ivory Coast's victory at the AFCON, with an additional €25,000 earmarked if Fae were to assume the role of head coach for the Ivorian national team.

With the Ivory Coast securing the AFCON title and Fae assuming the position of head coach during the tournament, Clermont Foot is now poised to receive the agreed-upon sum of €50,000 as part of this unique contractual arrangement.