Jean Mensa has been vindicated by the leaked audio from Johnson Asiedu Nketiah.

She was hanged, drawn and quartered by elements within the opposition party.

She was accused of rigging the 2020 elections for the ruling party. She was dragged before the Supreme Court to respond to charges brought against her by Mahama and his henchmen.

From the leaked audio, it is crystal clear that the decision to go to court by Mahama was baseless and that it was just to cause disaffection between the the Chairperson of the EC and the general public.

Asiedu Nketiah admits in the audio that they didn’t have any collated results with which to pursue any legal matter or petition.

Out of the 16 regions, the party was only able to collate just five regions’ results and even those got crashed at the end of the day, he stated in the audio.

Jean Mensa suffered abuse from some known neutrals and leaders of some CSOs. They believed in the case of the NDC so much so that they took to their social media platforms to disparage and censure her ruthlessly.

The Justices of the Supreme Court were not spared either. The vitriol from some influential persons in the country on these Justices was nothing to write home about.

They were constantly described as unanimous 7 simply because Tsatsu Tsikata who was counsel for Mahama, failed to make any strong legal arguments to support their hollow petition.

From the audio, Jean Mensa cannot be held accountable for the incompetence of the leadership of the NDC. They only sought to transfer the anger on them from their supporters to the EC.