First team coach at Celtic, John Kennedy says that they could not hold back the talent of youngster Jeremie Frimpong after unleashing him to the first team.

The Dutch born Ghanaian teenager joined Celtic as a youth team player full of potential and one for the future but has forced his way into the Celtic first team.

Frimpong is now a fan's favourite at Parkhead with his marauding runs down the right flank, pace and industry a pure delight to the Celtic supporters.

The youngsters integration into the first team at Celtic is way ahead of schedule as that was never the plan to fast track him into the first team immediately bit his form has forced the coaches at Parkhead.

"It’s been a big plus for us," Kennedy told the Celtic View podcast. "Jeremie came in for us as a young player with talent, but in terms of coming of coming in and being around the squad initially to get a feel for it, and then build him up to hopefully become in the future an important player for us.

"But, to be fair, it was one where, over a period of weeks, and seeing him on a daily basis, he kept impressing. He kept showing what he was about. He’s very determined, he’s got terrific pace and what fans were seeing in the games, we were seeing on a regular basis in training.

"And I remember there was just one day when myself, the manager and Damien [Duff] were talking at the side of the training pitch, and it was a case of we’re just going to have to put him in, we can’t hold him back any longer, and that’s what happened basically.

"That’s how he got himself in the team and it was through how he was training and the impression he was making within that. Forget about his age, or the size of him or anything else. What he can offer and the ability he has was just too much to hold back.

Glasgow Times:

"You get that with young players. There comes a time, and you can sense it, where you’re going to have to put them in, whether that’s an appearance here or there, or right, okay, just put him in and see how he goes."

"The manager had great faith in Jeremie,” Kennedy added. "He identified quickly that we had to give him the opportunity and then see how he develops and progresses, and he’s never looked back. And he’s been an important player for us in the games he’s played.

"Every day he’s the exact same. He doesn’t change who he is. He’s very real, there’s no falseness about him, and he’s very bubbly and a great character to have around, and he’s a very good trainer.

Glasgow Times:

"He’s still got a lot to do. He’s young and naïve at times, and there have been some of the bigger games with positioning and things, and little things where he maybe loses concentration, but you forget how young he is, and as much as he’s got so much to offer, being a young player he’s still got a lot to do as well.

"But he knows that. He’s one where we’ve got regular contact with, and we chat to him about things, and we work on things, but the ability he has, and the natural and physical elements of his game that he offers, he’s only going to get better and better.

"So the more games he plays, the more he works with us, hopefully he keeps developing and who knows where that may lead to."he said.