If there is anyone in Mamprugu within the largest opposition party who still doubt that walewale constituency cannot be taken back by the ruling National Democratic Congress;who still wonder if JM and Hon. Abdallah Abubakari can win in walewale constituency; who still have faith in the Bawumia in mamprugu;then 29th September, 2016 the day Hon. Abdallah Abubakari filed his nomination in readiness for the battle at the electoral commission office in walewale has provided the answer.

It is the answer told by the thousands of supporters within walewale township alone who came out in their numbers to welcome the northern regional minister Hon. Abdallah Abubakari into the constituency to file his nomination at the electoral commission ahead of the 2016 presidential and parliamentary elections. In fact the people have really chased the elephant into the bush which will never show up anywhere in walewale constituency and mamprugu as a whole.

It is the answer spoken by young and old, members of the National Democratic Congress and non members across mamprugu- who sent a message to NPP fraternity that, JM and Hon. Abdallah Abubakari are the best team for walewale constituency. There is no doubt about the National Democratic Congress winning in walewale constituency and the rest of the four constituencies in mamprugu.

It is left with barely two months and some few days to elections, but what happened on the historic day of Hon. Abdallah Abubakari filling shows that, in this years election,at that defining moment, JM and Hon. Abdallah Abubakari have won in advance.

Hon. Abdallah Abubakari fought long and hard for mamprugu and he has even fought harder and longer for the constituency he loves. He endured sacrifices for mamprugu that most of our opponents in NPP cannot begin to imagine and we are better off for the services rendered by this brave and selfless leader within the period of his six months in office as the northern regional minister.

I personally as a young Democrat congratulate him (Hon. Abdallah Abubakari) and his Excellency Wumpini John Dramani Mahama for all they have achieved in mamprugu in even though it will take the myopic and narrow minded people within the NPP decades to realize the good works of the duo in mamprugu.

His Excellency Wumpini John Dramani Mahama has achieved a lot in mamprugu to deserve our votes in this election. He had given us good drinking water, established college of education in mamprugu, upgraded the Nalerigu health assistance school to the status of college of nursing and midwifery school,connecting communities to the national grid, establishing ICT centers, building of community day schools, expansion of facilities in the existing Senior high schools, construction of roads, building of education offices, and many more.

Mamprugu, we have come so far. We have seen so much. But there is so much more to do in mamprugu if his Excellency Wumpini John Dramani Mahama is elected as the president of Ghana to continue with his second term. So in this election, let's ask ourselves whether we want to be mentioned among those who are going to make John Dramani Mahama victorious or not? Because John Dramani Mahama Insha Allah will surely emerge victorious.

This is our chance to answer that call. This is our moment. This is our time to recapture all the seats we lost to the New Patriotic Party and open more, the doors of opportunity for ourselves and to change lives and transform mamprugu as a whole.

Now even as we have chosen his Excellency Wumpini John Dramani Mahama and our members of Parliament hopefully in all the five constituencies in mamprugu, there are those who are preparing to divide us-the spin masters, the negative peddlers who embrace the politics of "anything goes". We will say to them that in this election- out of many, we are one;that while we breath, we hope and where we are met with cynicism, doubt and who tell us that we cannot, we will respond with our slogan JM zang-tugi for changing lives and transforming Ghana.

I shall return!!!
Abdul Majeed Ali (founding member and interim executive of students network for JM and PCs in mamprugu)

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