Ghana's John Painstsil and teammates at  KRC Genk, have been initiated into a specialised training session amid Coronavirus scare.

The team has suspended group training until Sunday 22 March, when they are expected to have answers to the global pandemic.

“The players receive strength training at the club on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in small groups and complete individual running training sessions at home on Tuesday and Thursday,” explains physical trainer Ruben Peeters.

"For example, Sébastien Dewaest shows that he maintains his condition with an endurance run in Lanklaar.

"Stephen Odey, Joseph Paintsil, Neto Borges and Vladimir Screciu kicked out with some friends last weekend."

It was planned to organize maintenance training in small groups every day but  abandoned.

According to the club, measures to address the corona crisis are constantly changing and tightening hence the maintenance of dividing the team to  train in small groups