Since yesterday, I have received several calls from people who chanced on an edited version of a video from the book launch of my friend Mr George Andah titled Determined to do more.

In the edited version of the video and the Narrative spun on it by mischief makers, I am seen reading a text supposedly as lessons from politics.

For all who see or share that video please take a minute to ask what the context is.

I was invited to review some pages in the new book. What you see me reading are paragraphs of the book and not a speech by me.

The paragraphs contain a message someone sent to Mr Andah when he announced he was going into politics. The sender suggested he shouldn't enter politics because of those reasons contained in the message.

Mr Andah narrates the story and explains why he disagrees with the message. All of this is included in his book and in the paragraphs I read.

I'd like to encourage you to watch the full video attached and or read the book for yourself and not fall prey to false narratives and misinformation online.