Like him or hate him, Hon. Kobina Tahir Hammond occupies a pivotal position in Ghana’s politics. Ghana’s historical democracy cannot exempt him.

Member of Parliament for ADANSI ASOKWA Constituency in the Ashanti Region, KT Hammond, the Adanso-Asokwa Mugabe, has been a Member of the elephant family, of the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th Parliaments and is a possible member of the 9th Parliament of Ghana.

From afar, KT Hammond appears uninteresting, but colleagues from both sides of the House of Parliament have a great rapport, especially with his sense of humour.

Though born on Thursday, 16th June 1960, which is called Yaw for Akan or Kow/Ekow/Kwame for Fante, he is rather called Kobina, Fante for a Tuesday born.

A staunch Moslem married to an intelligent judge, Nabeela Naeema Wahab Sahiba, KT Hammond is seen as a strong legislator with the governing NPP majority in Parliament.

Called to the English Bar, Mr. Hammond has written his name in the history of Parliament, having served for 24 years.

KT Hammond, in my opinion, has been reported badly in the media, but his life and solid interpersonal relationships with his colleagues in Parliament are very enviable.

He is seen calming tempers by sometimes being his jovial self; he uses that to channel his arguments and points without the opposing side realizing it.

In the heat of debates on policies that may have generated hot arguments, he does so calmly with little impact on the suffering side.

A very honest person who is described by his colleagues as “a man without secrets,” KT tells it as it is and tells it to the face of whoever is connected to what without mincing words.

KT does not care where; he only sees his friends, colleagues, and human beings. Whether at Committee meetings or the floor of the House, Mr. Hammond expresses himself in a free manner.

It was evident when he faced the Appointments Committee of Parliament when he was nominated as the Trade Minister.

KT Hammond has a better rapport and friendship with the media like many other legislators in Parliament. He has earned the name WOFA (Uncle), and one hears media personnel and his colleagues and members of parliament refer to him as WOFA.

On the floor of Parliament, he is one of the few MPs who cannot escape the eye of the speaker, and he reserves a special place in the Speaker’s daily dealings in the House. No wonder Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin refers to him as the CLASS-PREFECT.

Now, Trade Minister tried to push through an act to embargo some 26 selected items’ importation to revitalize the local industries but was greeted with stiff opposition from the opposition. Even that, which could have been more disastrous, the Minister meandered his way and made the uproar a bit lighter due to his style.

KT Hammond, who is loved by all, including Alban Bagbin, could freely express himself on any matter irrespective of how sensitive in a manner that would not hurt anyone.

He has been very instrumental, especially on policies, especially energy, law, policies, taxation, and others. Recently he made a fantastic delivery on Taxation and its associated benefits to every economy, including Ghana, which was warmly received by his colleagues on the floor.

Another statement was made on the qualification of the Black Stars to the World Cup on Thursday, 31st March 2022, and the dichotomy of perspective of his arguments was watertight.

Copious reports from Committees, particularly from the Finance Committee, Mines and Energy Committee, Local Government, and Rural Development, are evidence of his work in Parliament.

Recent incidents in Parliament, especially when he covered Dr. Kwabena Donkor’s face during an interview, surprised the public. What exists between the two energy gurus goes beyond that; in fact, Dr. Kwabena Donkor did the same to him. They call themselves ‘Brothers-Menua.’

‘Menua Kwankor’ is how KT refers to Kwabena Donkor.

Again, if there’s one single person who makes life better with all the stress associated with being an MP or Minister and the worst of the politicians is KT.


Make no mistake, KT Hammond on the other side is one of the most serious MPs in Parliament. He doesn’t joke with his time and his work. He takes his work seriously, and I can tell you KT is strict and meticulous in his work.

Forget about your height and stature; if you are late or not being serious with work, he tells you straight.

KT Hammond perhaps has more friends on the opposing side than any other. It also showed in the voting on Minister-designates to become ministers.

Take it; it’s difficult to know when Hon KT Hammond is angry. He is a man of high emotional intelligence and can stop in the middle of a tense situation or confrontation and smile or laugh.

Next time you see KT Hammond, call him WOFA; he prefers that to Honourable. And say ayekoo to him. He is the romantic “god” in Ghana politics.

Writer: Ohene Amponsah