The lookalike of Kuami Eugene has been seen in a video crying over the arrest of his friend, who refers to himself as the lookalike of King Promise.

A video that was circulating on social media on June 5, 2023, saw how King Promise lookalike was arrested while shooting a video at his residence.

His arrest sparked a lot of reactions from social media users, leaving them to contemplate what led to his arrest.

A day after the incident, a video that was shared on Twitter by Code Micky showed how Kuami Eugene’s lookalike shed tears over his friend’s arrest.

In the video, he angrily voiced out that his brother will be released by hook or crook stating that the policeman who handcuffed him will be the same person to bring his brother back home.

Pouring out his emotions, he stated that he did not fathom why the police just badged into the house without bringing out any form of identification and to add up, he questioned why his friend was handcuffed when he showed no sign of misconduct during his arrest.

“My brother will come back. The police who arrested my brother will be the same person to bring him home. That police man who entered the room without showing any card and did not ask for any permission and also did not speak in a polite way. In the normal circumstance or in the long way, you don’t have to handcuff the person unless the person is misbehaving but look at what happened”, he lamented.

Also, he mentioned that they do not deserve the disgrace coming upon them after the accolades they received at Asantewaa’s birthday party when they performed their unreleased song to the crowd, stating the amount of money they invested into the song and the fact that they still owe the producer.

He said: “We spent a lot of money on that which we are not done with the payment. Abotsi produced that song. Ask Abotsi, a big star like this, and ask him how much he would charge us. My friends and I did our best to record this song which is yet to drop and we went to bless Asantewaa with our unreleased song at her program. We received such high praise and now look at the same you’ve brought upon us”.

Check out the video below: