Once bitten, they say, twice shy and Ghanaian crooner, Kwabena Kwabena is sticking to that mantra, especially when it comes to his marital issues.

Speculations about cracks in his second marriage have been gathering momentum and when Hitz FM decided to prod on the veracity of the speculation, Kwabena Kwabena shrugged it off and stated that, he will not discuss his personal life in public.

According to the artist, lessons from his first marriage, where its dissolution played out in the media, is informing his decision not to pass any commentary on his personal life in the media again.

He however stated that the media and fans should be concerned about Kwabena Kwabena the artist and the music!

Aside his chart-topping music, the artist also makes the news for his  purported dalliances and the fathering of other children outside marriage.

Kwabena Kwabena married Abena Owusuaa, his second marriage  – in 2010 at a low-key ceremony in Accra, after his first marriage to Esther ended in a tumultuous manner.

Kwabena and Esther


Source: entertainmentgh.com