I heard the news of some "matcho" men who earlier in the day (Friday) besieged the Regional Coordinating Council (RCC) Kumasi.

The news appeared to me as a mere propaganda from my NDC folks until I had the opportunity to watch a video someone took with his mobile phone. I curled the voices and listened attentively just to inform my analysis.

Their (matcho men) mission was simple, to remove the Regional Security Coordinator from office illegally. From the video I watched and from the voices and actions of the policemen and the matcho men, I concluded that, the police did not act professionally. If any reader differs kindly follow my analysis below:

For wants of appropriateness let me say, some angry citizens decides to demonstrate or embark on a protest to pour out their displeasure to the president at the Jubilee House or flagstaff House or better still the seat of government saying that they do not want a particular minister whose office is at the presidency. For example minister for regional re-organization. If these protesters makes any attempt to besiege the said minister and fortunately and timely the police comes into the scene, Will the police arrest and drive these protesters out from the office or they will rather take the minister from his legitimate office? Your guess is as good as mine.

In the case of the security coordinator in the Ashanti region, the man was in his legitimate office doing his legally mandated job until these "hooligans" besieged his office. Instead of the police arresting and driving these uninvited guests or illegal occupants of the office they rather decided to take the man (landlord) from his legitimate office and left the uninvited guests there, I am still at sea, maybe I will need some security experts to school me here.

Mr. IGP and Ashanti Regional police commander must prove to Ghanaians that they are capable because some of us are gradually losing confidence in the service with taut itself as the only "service with integrity" but in so many cases and in this case in particular the integrity was missing in their actions. If the police were able to arrest as many as 8 people who assaulted an alleged female thief indecently with the help of a video which wasn't that clear, then I think it wouldn't be much of a problem for our police service to arrest majority of these hooligans who appeared in the video which has gone viral. Some of these hooligans were even attacking the police men with impunity but were left off the hook. I think politicians must stay back and allow the police to do a professional job. The police should always remember there will be no need to employ a policeman if there is no Ghana ??.

NB: I used the presidency in my analysis because the RCCs are seen and regarded as the seat of the president in the various regions.




MARCH 25, 2017.