Princess Nyarko, the ex-wife of Rev. Christian Kwabena Andrews, also known as Osofo Kyiri Abosom, claims that because of her husband's infertility problems, she had to undergo IVF therapy before giving birth to her twins.

She claimed she had been married for almost ten years but had never given birth.

She revealed this information in an interview with GhPage while addressing some allegations made against her by her ex-husband.

She said that she and her spouse were just 20 and 45 years old, respectively, when they got married. She claims that before learning subsequently that her spouse was infertile, she was unaware of the need for medical care.

She claimed that while she was having the procedure, the doctors determined that she was young and fertile enough to become pregnant. She said she eventually had to undergo IVF in order to have children with her husband.

"I nearly passed away while getting the IVF shots, and I had to make the ultimate sacrifice. He had affairs with all of my maid servants, young and old, while I was still his wife. Even the other two ladies he has had children with, were staying with me before he secretly married them, she married both of them on the same day," she said amid revelations about the numerous sacrifices made against her by popular priest.

"I'm not in court for his properties as he claims, but after 13 years of toiling in the marriage with him, I won't let him make a fool of me. He has put me through a lot, including physically abusing me multiple times and cheating on me with my maids," she stated.

"When I first met my husband, he wasn't financially stable; he didn't even have enough money to cover my bride price. Successful and wealthy men were following me for marriage all this time, but I never listened to any of them. I am not the kind to settle on wealthy guys rather than him, so I am not in the court for Kyiri Abosom's possessions," she said.

When questioned about whether the other women Kyiri Abosom has children with also received IVF treatment, she said, "Yes, he did IVF for all of them."

Osofo Kyiri Abosom has accused Princess Nyarko of using all available legal means to inherit all of his possessions, including his home, and to gain custody of his children.

In a sermon that was broadcast on television, he asserted that his wife had left the marriage because of an affair he had.

The Founder of the Ghana Union Movement (GUM) political party and the General Overseer of Life Assembly Worship Center said that he and his wife are now separated from each other.