A young woman identified as Hope Barden, 21 has died from asphyxia as she performed a "dangerous" sexual act on live webcam for a "snuff" porn collector,

Late Hope Barden was earning extra cash in webcam porn and had been in an online relationship with client Jerome Dangar, 45, at the time of her death.

According to police reports, Dangar was online while she died during a "sexually-related role play" and he made no attempt to alert the emergency services "to the danger he had put her in".  

Barden's mother says Dangar paid her daughter to perform sexual acts on the internet and over three months of contact it "escalated into degrading and dangerous situations".

The young woman's flatmate discovered her body at their home in Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire.

Police were considering a charge of manslaughter against Dangar but he has died in prison after being jailed for possessing extreme pornographic images depicting vile acts.

A pathologist concluded there was a strong possibility some of the subjects in the extreme images died during the filming process.

A post-mortem found Miss Barden died from asphyxiation, and an examination of her mobile phone revealed she had been in an online relationship with a man who had encouraged her to engage in dangerous acts of a sexual nature.