"The current president has cloaked America in darkness for much too long. Too much anger. Too much fear. Too much division.”- Joe Biden.

In the same vein Ghana’s current president has plunged Ghana into darkness since 2017; Too much anger, Too much fear. Too much division. We cannot afford to have a country made up of “Real Owners” and “non-Owners”, a country where selective and discriminatory application of rule of law is the norm, a country where our fundamental and basic human right as citizens is being questioned, a country where some citizens are being labelled as “foreigners”, a country for few privileged- government of family and friends and other social ills of President Akuffo Addo/Bawumia led government.

Joe Biden continued: “We can choose the path of becoming angrier, less hopeful and more divided. A path of shadow and suspicion. Or we can choose a different path, and together, take this chance to heal, to be reborn, and to unite.” Drawing parallel lines between the contemporary politics in the United States and Ghana; A vote for President John Mahama and NDC’s parliamentary candidates on 7th December 2020 is choosing hope over fear, facts over fiction,and fully baked policies over half-baked policies, realities over utopian/strategic visions, and fairness over privilege.


Alhaji Alhassan Mbalba
NDC-UK/Ireland Chapter