Legendary highlife music superstar,Nana Kwame Ampadu noted with the hit song “Yaw Berko” has advised that president Mahama should be accorded with all the respect he deserves.

The veteran highlife singer was wading his view on the hooting at president Mahama which sadly occurred at the manhyia palace by some NPP supporters during the one week commemoration of the demise of Otumfour Osei Tutu’s mother.

Deliberating on his disenchantments into this cloying matter during an inspiring interview with Odifour Asare aka Otwinoko host of “Nyasem Hye “on Accra based Hot 93.9Fm,Nana Ampadu indicated that even though President Mahama may not be a good president,he is still the president so its extremely disdainful for anyone to hoot at him.

The ‘King of Music’ explained that politicking should have no place at the funeral grounds of the Asantehemaa simply because President Mahama was ordained by God to be Ghana’s president so he is bound to be respected:

“Whether you like it or not Mahama is still the President ordained by God.Now that he is still the president why should he be hooted at? Even if you want to butcher him with a machete when is not the president that’s your problem, but once he is still the president, its disrespectful to do so. Remember that what ever you do to him today will be retaliated at you some day when you also become a president..so let’s respect him “,He quipped to Odifour.

Nana Ampadu credited with numerous popular highlife tracks and known to have composed over 800 songs also descended heavily on radio presenters.He argued that the insults on radio are too much.He accused most radio presenter of supporting ‘Foolishness on radio rather than using their platforms to educate the masses.

He stressed emphatically that if there should be chaos or war in the country during the general election, it would be instigated by the radio presenters and not the politicians

Nana Ampadu, born at Obo Kwahu in the Eastern Region of Ghana on the 31st March 1945 angrily quoted “If you admire your relative who is insane,never will it touch your heart to give him medicine”

Kindly watch the full interview below