Despite the widespread belief that alcohol and drug addiction cannot be cured, thousands of addicts get rid of their diseases every year. Everyone can be free from addiction. It is just important to get the support of people who really want to help you and definitely know how to organize this process.

The best thing an addicted person can do for a happy future is to trust professionals from a reliable rehab clinic, such as Serenity Addiction Centers.

Serenity provides one of the most demanded rehab programs in the UK. It is possible to join the Serenity rehab in London, Glasgow, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Newcastle, and other locations.

What Does Serenity Clinic Offer?

Serenity Addiction Centers provide inpatient and outpatient rehab programs and an individual approach to every patient. The clinic offers the services of qualified and experienced professionals, including:

  • Qualified GP

  • Consultant psychiatrist

  • Clinical psychologist

  • Wellbeing expert

  • Personal trainer

  • BACP accredited nurse

If a patient selects a home detox program, it means that the Serenity experts make an individual plan of medication taking and assure 24/7 phone support.

An inpatient rehab implies the following peculiarities:

  • Medication course

  • Biochemical restoration

  • Therapy sessions and consultations

  • Support meetings with other participants of the rehab program

  • Psychological therapy sessions

  • Lections of famous experts

Serenity clinics provide social and group activities as well. It is important for patients to maintain their mental health and physical state. So, all patients of the inpatient program have access to such activities as:

  • sports (dancing, fitness, and yoga)

  • relax (meditation sessions, aromatherapy, and massages)

Moreover, the professionals from Serenity monitor the psychological state of their patients to help them get rid of such problems as panic attacks, OCD, etc.

Do not allow some substances to control you and ruin your dreams. Start acting and make the first step.