There are so many things you can make with Agablumo.

You can even make Ice cream!


We decided to put together a list of recipes you can experiment with. Enjoy!

1. Ice cream cake

Ever imagined having the heavenly combination of cake and ice cream flavoured with Agbalumo? Well, now you can! Read the recipe here.

Image- Funke Koleosho


2. Jelly

We bet you’ve never had a slice of bread with Agbalumo jelly. You can check out Kitchen butterfly’s awesome recipe here.

Image- Kitchen Butterfly


3. Drinks

You can make all sorts of awesome drinks from Agbalumo. Tea, wine, liqueur and juice. Check out Kitchen Butterfly’s recipes here.

Image- Kitchen Butterfly


4. Agbalumo carrot cake

Isn’t this fruit just so wonderful and versatile? Again, the amazing Kitchen Butterfly gives us a recipe for Agbalumo carrot cake.

Image- Kitchen butterfly


5. Sweets

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have Agbalumo flavoured lollipops? Kitchen Butterfly made salted caramel from this fruit and it looks amazing! You can find the recipe here.