I would be lying to the world if I said that my mother-in-law was very supportive and caring. To the world, she is the sweet, caring lady who immensely loves her children and her son’s bride as well. That was what I heard and honestly before I gave birth, I believed it too. But, I never thought that I would be facing a really hard time with my mother-in-law. It is true what people say, they are sometimes the most inconsiderate and unwelcoming person a bride will ever meet.

After being married into my husband’s family, it had been blissful. It was a love marriage and I knew my husband from the past six years, so we knew each other and our families well. I had no such rising concerns about being a bride because I had always heard that my to-be mother-in-law was really nice, loving and caring. This had exactly been the case. I had been pampered as a daughter-in-law well enough and I had grown to love her as well. In the second year of our marriage, I got pregnant. The entire family was overjoyed. I was going to become a mother!

There was no greater pleasure than being a mom. I had always loved babies and awaited this day eagerly. My mother-in-law used to pop up with gifts for me and the baby and it felt like the most amazing pregnancy period ever. I took my maternity leave from the office and prepped for the big day and finally me and my husband was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. All of us were overjoyed. My mother-in-law quietly came and kissed my head and looked at the baby with tears in her eyes. It warmed me to see her crying. But then, who knew that they weren't happy tears?

My mother-in-law started acting unusual with me; she was being snappy and irritated for no reason and I thought, she must not be well. Even after the rejoicing ended in our home, we were still reeling in with the emotion that we were blessed with a perfect, healthy baby. However, after two weeks, my mother-in-law suddenly started complaining about me doing no work in the house and only catering to the baby. I was left shocked. Upon hearing that, I immediately handed our baby to my husband and went to do some chores as she asked. She told me to lift some heavy objects and wash them. I was facing great difficulty as the stitch on my stomach were hurting way too much. Yes, I had gotten a C-section delivery. But, my mother-in-law despite knowing that, asked me to lift heavy things and do hard household chores.

I felt devasted as the following days turned into months where my mother-in-law complained and started making me feel as insignificant as possible in the household. She pointed out my mistakes harshly, at every step and made me feel miserable. I could hardly spend time with my daughter except for the time I breastfed her. Never did she ever display such a side to any of us. The worst part is my husband never witnessed any such behaviour of his mother ever. She tried to sneakily destroy my well-being by mentally attacking me at a time when her son wasn’t present.

I felt weak and betrayed. Never had I imagined my mother-in-law, who was so sweet, to have such a monstrous side to her. It has been a year since then. I tried talking to her about what bothered her, but instead, she drove me away.

I don’t understand what could have possibly changed, but if I go with my instincts, she may be mad that I didn’t bore a grandson for her. I can not think of any other possible way I have hurt her. But if this reason is true, I may well never speak to her in my life. If she is scarred with the thought that a granddaughter means nothing, then bestowing her name as the cruellest mother-in-law in the current times, would be the correct thing to do.

Source: indiatimes.com