Are you among those who feel amazing walking around the house naked? Well, it could be because you're an exhibitionist. Now, please don't get us wrong when we say this. We understand that you don't have to identify with this word. But, feeding off your partner's attention while you walk around the house without any clothes on is trekking towards the exhibitionist territory.

If the term 'exhibitionist' makes you feel strange, it's probably because you haven't heard of it in a sensual context that we're trying to use it in. There's the non-consensual side of exhibitionism that is characterized by the compulsion of displaying one's genitals in public spaces. But that's not what we're talking about here.

We're talking about the sexy, consensual side of exhibitionism that can be very much used to amplify your sex life, orgasms and libido. Here's everything you need to know about this common fantasy and kink because you might already be more of an exhibitionist than you think.

What is exhibitionism?
Being an exhibitionist is a skill you possess when you love being the centre of attention and thrive off of people's attention. This is even if you haven't brought it directly into a sexual situation. In a sexual context, exhibitionism is a kink where a person can feel sexually aroused at the idea or reality of being seen naked or engaged in sexual activities by others.
Another way of looking at it is where you have the desire to reveal your physical attributes in a sexually alluring manner. Thus, exhibitionism, in general, involves revealing body parts that are otherwise covered in accordance with societal norms. Also, it's very normal to be a consensual exhibitionist.

What makes someone an exhibitionist?

There is absolutely no need or reason to identify your pleasure if you're comfortable with not doing so. However, if you're curious about whether you're an exhibitionist or not, you should read the below-mentioned things to get a clearer idea if you enjoy this type of kink.

- You love sharing nude photos with your partner while they're working.

- You encourage your partner to go lingerie shopping with you.

- You invite a third person over to watch you have sex or masturbate.

- You engage in a public makeout session where you can get caught.