Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson has stood up to controversial ‘Counsellor’ George Lutterodt.

In her latest blogpost, titled "When the counsellor needs counselling: the curious case of George Lutterodt", the actress minced no words in criticising the television panellist for his numerous outlandish comments made over many years.

lydia-forson1.jpgplay Award-winning actress Lydia Forson (OAB Photography)

“Now I don’t know much about Counsellor George Lutterodt’s background or qualification, but I do know that if he were a trained professional he would understand the human psychology and the impact of his words and how demoralizing and damaging they can be”, Ms Forson wrote.

play In June 2016, George Lutterodt was warned and censured by the Ghana Psychological Council to desist from parading himself as a counsellor because he has not been certified as such.

"What counsellor would use words that can send people into depression, or cause others to possibly [cause] harm to themselves and even have to shame them to make a point? Which is how careless he is with his utterances. And that’s why I strongly believe he’s not an authority on counselling but a self-titled one, who has been given airtime to further misinform people.”

Earlier this week, a video surfaced on social media in which George Lutterodt is seen at a radio station brazenly accusing a woman - in her face- of attempting to murder the actor Kofi Adjorlolo.

Kofi Adjorlolo and Victoria Lebene.jpgplay

The woman, who is actress Victoria Lebene, is in a relationship with the veteran actor. In the video, Lutterodt suggests that Victoria (who is seen crying) ‘wants to kill Kofi Adjorlolo’ because she is dating ‘someone her father’s age.’ He is also heard shouting; 'let her cry, let her cry, let her cry!' in the video.

This has led many on social media to condemn the self-styled counsellor, who in June 2016 was warned and censured by the Ghana Psychological Council to desist from parading himself as a counsellor because he has not been certified as such.

The award-winning actress was also critical of media organisation who ‘urge him on and encourage this foolishness for their own amusement’ and ratings.

There have been calls on social media for the National Media Commission to sanction media organisations whose platforms and upon their invitation are used by George Lutterodt to make his notorious comments.


George Lutterodt’s fame began about two years ago when he began serving as a panellist on a number of television and radio relationship talk shows on which he dishes out what he deems wise counsel.

LUT SCREEN GRAB.PNGplay Screenshot from the infamous video in which Lutterodt condemns a relationship between two adults (Youtube/Pulse Ghana)

 On these shows, he is loud, assumes an all-knowing character, and is uncompromising to opposing views. He has over these years gained infamy for his sharp tongue, lack of political correctness and sexist commentary targeted at unmarried female celebrities