President John Dramani Mahama on Friday officially shut down the Lavender Hill in Accra and commissioned replaced it with the new Korle Lagoon Septic Treatment Plant.

The project which cost $15 million is public private partnership between Zoomlion and the government of Ghana.

It is expected to improve the waste situation in the capital city and will be operated by Sewage Systems Ghana Limited.

The infamous Lavender Hill, had served as a dump site for untreated human excreta which is released into the sea.

The Septage Treatment Plant has a maximum treatment capacity of 2,400 cu.m/day and a design capacity of 2,000 cu.m/day.

Lavender Hill was the name given to the area due to the pungent smell that emanates from there.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over the years attempted to stop the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) from dumping such waste into the Korle Lagoon at Lavender Hill but was unsuccessful.

EPA later took legal action against the AMA but that also proved futile.