The Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry and MP for New Juaben South constituency in the Eastern Region, Micheal Okyere Baafi has organized a blood donation exercise to stock the Koforidua Government Hospital's blood bank.

At the event, Hon. Okyere Baafi affirmed the blood donation will provide a sufficient supply of safe blood and regulate the blood bank, and also inculcate public awareness that blood donation is a humanitarian act.

“The kind of job we’ve decided to do for the people of Koforidua is holistic, we are in to serve all. At the time we decided to do politics, we were keen about education, healthcare, sanitation, sanitation, human and infrastructural development and capacity building at the planning stage”.

He explained that “We know that if we can do all these we can move forward as a constituency. So, after being voted into office, we decided to fulfill the promise. One of the areas we intended to tackle is healthcare”.

According to him, he saw it as prudent to organize the people to donate blood for the hospital to ward off the shortage of blood.

Mr. Baafi has therefore vowed to construct a CHIPS compound in rural communities under his jurisdiction.

“The donation aimed to help improve the works of the hospital. Many communities don’t have access to healthcare and there is a need for me to construct chip-compounds for those areas

“Education, sanitation, health, capacity building, human development, and infrastructure development will promote the standard living of in his constituents,’’ he said.

He disclosed that his aim for the construction of chips-compound in the rural areas is to promote and improve health care delivery in his constituency, especially among women and children.