Your favourite sex and relationship coach, Dzifa Sweetness, has revealed that midnight kisses between couples are very essential as they create a stronger bond between the two.

Although some people may not like kissing at midnight because of bad breath caused by sleeping for a while, Dzifa encouraged the act. This came up during a discussion with Adwen the Love Doctor on eTV Ghana’s adult show, ‘In Bed With Adwen’.

“You can kiss at midnight and that is very good for couples because it strengthens the bond between you two. The connection that midnight kissing creates is very deep and that kiss can linger on your mind all day,” she said.

Giving a remedy to bad breath so that it does not hinder midnight kisses, Dzifa hammered on the importance of brushing the teeth before bed. “Some people eat foods with onions and salted tilapia before going to bed knowing perfectly well that it causes bad breath. You and your partner must brush your teeth before bed so that you can kiss freely at midnight,” she urged.

The sex coach also tipped that kisses do not necessarily have to be on the lips only. According to her, kissing a woman directly on the spine all the way down to her buttocks is a great foreplay technique. She added kisses on the nipples and around the ears as well.