Moesha Boduong, a popular socialite who recently converted to Christianity has shared some frightening experiences in her Christian life.

Ms. Boduong has revealed that God sent her money through her Mobile Money (MoMo) account.

According to her, this benevolent act from the creator has reinforced and increased her belief in miracles.

In a photo shared on her Snapchat handle, Ms Boduong revealed that miracles do exist and explained that the MoMo gesture from God is the first-ever miracle she has experienced since becoming a Christian.

“God is a miracle worker and I’m always going to tell the world about (how) he sent me money through mobile money and that was my ever first miracle. I must say, I now believe all the miracles I read online when people shared their testimonies,” she wrote.

She, however, did not detail exactly how the money hit her account and which number God used to authorise the transaction.