Admitting that friends influenced him negatively back in the day, hence, does not have people he calls friends anymore, MOG Music has recalled how he was introduced to masturbation, an act he struggled to put a stop to.

It all started when he transitioned from Junior High School to Senior High School. He had returned from school and met an old friend.

"He showed me how to masturbate and why I wouldn't need to have sex to feel okay. I masturbated throughout secondary school," MOG Music said in his interview on The Delay Show monitored by GhanaWeb.

Although he felt guilty anytime he masturbated, not even being a born-again Christian made him quit the act. The desire to masturbate was rather uncontrollable. Declarations of fasting and prayer which were keenly followed, he said, could also not change the narrative.

"When I gave my life to Christ, the desire became strong. It was very serious. I confided in our prayer secretary on campus, he declared 7 days faster and prayer but it didn't work.

"A pastor I confided in also declared 21 days; it also didn't work. I could stop for a week but when the desire is back, it's serious," MOG Music recounted.

For more than five years, he had been masturbating to the extent that his father once caught him in the act. His concerned father beat the hell out of him but that treatment meted out to him, like the fasting and prayer sessions, could not change him.

A fervent and sincere prayer, as he put it, saved him one day when he was just about to masturbate. According to him, "one day the desire came. It was strong. I went to the bathroom ready to apply the soap and the edge of regret came."

"I prayed a sincere prayer and was delivered," MOG Music said.

Source: Ghanaweb