A woman whose name was given as Sonu Gupta, 26, was captured by a CCTV camera throwing her 3-year-old son down the stairs after having an argument with her in-laws in her home in southeast Delhi’s Pul Prahladpur area, India, on January 24.

It was reported that her in-laws found out that the woman and her husband started having problems in their marriage five years after getting married and were addressing this issue. This led to an argument which escalated and the woman, in anger, flung clothes from the bed to the floor then picked her child and stormed out. Moments later she's seen opening a gate and throwing him down the stairs.

Another woman comes moments later, pushes the mother out of the way and runs to rescue the child.

Thankfully, the boy survived and the woman has been reported to the police by her family.

See the video below...