Five suspects have been arrested over the murder of a policewoman in Tamale on Tuesday.

The Police investigation team was able to retrieve the two stolen weapons, the camouflage military uniform and mask the alleged robbers wore for the operation from the room of one of the suspects.

The ring leader sustained gunshots wounds and he's on admission at the hospital.

The Policewoman, Number 5472, General Corporal Agatha Nana Nabin of the Tamale Regional Police Headquarters, was shot while performing her duties on Tuesday, July 30, 2019, on the Kumbungu road near the Star Oil Filling Station at the outskirts of Tamale.

A second policewoman, on witnessing the traumatic act, made attempt to run and take cover, but was obstructed and fell to the ground at the filling station by a bench. The armed hooded men rushed to the scene and asked her to surrender the AK 47 assault rifle, since they were not there to kill her and she obliged. The policeman among them who scaled an obstacle, though sustained some injuries, managed to take cover and opened fire on the criminals.

At this juncture, since the firing was coming from an unknown direction and so as not to be overpowered, the attackers picked the loaded two assault rifles and fled.

The police promised a GhC10,000 reward to informants who will help arrest the culprits.