A Muslim activist, social commentator and researcher, Abdul-Fattah Twahir Akinyele, has added his voice to the call of Martin Alamisi Amidu on Ghanaians not to entrust the reigns of governance of the country into the hands of President John Dramani Mahama.

In an informal discussion with Abdul-Fattah, aka Mallam or Sheikh, he said that President John Mahama has demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that he is not a sincere and trustworthy and must as a matter of urgency be voted out to save Ghana from his corrupt, incompetent and disgraceful leadership.

Until the masses, who spend precious time standing in queues for hours to vote for their own people to come to power to manage their affairs for them take the issues of good governance very seriously, their poverty, their deprivation, their misery, the squalour they live in; all the dehumanizing conditions will only perpetually constitute the stanzas for politicians year in year out, he said.

Hon. Martin Alamisi Amidu’s call for President John Mahama to voted out from office is in the right direction, he said.

On the Hajj, Mallam said that since the NDC came to power, all efforts to get back Hajj for the Muslim Ummah had proved futile.

All what President John Mahama has done since 2009 to date is to play ‘Kwaanikwaani’ and time-buying tactics with the Muslim Ummah, and above all not showing good faith in even honouring some promises he made.

Mallam said he had a wrong perception about late President John Evans Atta Mills but that perception changed when he realized that the man was a good person and that it was actually John Mahama and some Muslims around him, who did not want Muslims to take control of the Hajj management.

He said after series of meetings at the Osu Castle in 2009, it came to light that John Mahama, then the vice president, called the bluff of a directive from the National Security Advisor to the late President Atta Mills to the then newly appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Alhaji Muhammed Mumuni.

The directive was for the Minister of Foreign Affairs to pave the way for the rightfully constituted body-the National Hajj Council of the Muslim Ummah- to take control of Hajj management.

Source: Daily Guide