Musician Kwame A Plus has urged his fellow musicians to come together and impeach and prosecute the president of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), Bice Osei Kuffour.

He made this known in an open letter to producer Da Hammer who invited him to join MUSIGA's yet to be established Presidential Advisory Committee.

He turned down his invitation by asking:"First of all I want to know what advise we can give Obour the president?". He asked Obour some questions concerning MUSIGA funds and accountability under Obour's administration.

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A Plus wrote(unedited): "Dear Da' Hammer,

Thanks for the invitation to be part of the Musicians Union of Ghana presidential advisory committee. First of all I want to know what advise we can give Obour the president? I have an advice for you rather.

1. We must come together and impeach Obour

2. We must prosecute him

Obour has failed to tell us who and who gave part of the musicians union of Ghana building to a church for rent, how much was charged and where the proceeds go.

Obour has failed to account to us how much we spend on musigha events organization, proceeds from such events as the Ghana Music Week and the Musigha Grand Ball and how the money is used if any.

Obour must tell us how much of the two million Ghana cedis tax payers money meant for creative arts came to him/musigha and how the money was disbursed.

Obour must tell us how many people musigha has taken on foreign trips and how many of them have returned to Ghana over the years

Obour must explain why even after renting part of our office building out to a chyrch, the union has not been able to put even dirty oil on the building as paint and has left the musigha building in such a dilapidated state

Obour must tell us who are signatories to the musicians union of Ghana account and which bank/banks we save with

These are just a few of the many questions I want answer for

I'll only be part of your committee that is set up to investigate President Obour and possibly prosecute him.

Thank you.

Kwame A Plus