Musician, Dee Aja, has confirmed to that the ‘Onaapo’ song was composed by Ghanaian male musician, Nacee.

There have been controversies as to who composed the song. Dee Aja had claimed in previous interviews with the media that he wrote the song.

But when contacted him through a facebook chat, Dee Aja confirmed that Nacee wrote the song for him. This follows revelation on GH Entertainment by Nacee that he wrote the song for the artiste and that he [Dee Aja] is an ungrateful person.

Nacee had also expressed his disappointment on the artiste for claiming that he was not paid for his song, but when to comment, Dee Aja declined to comment.

When asked if Nacee composed the song he said, ‘’Yes is true. I have never taken that from him.’’

When asked if he was paid for his services, he said, ‘’that is between me and him…I am not going to comment on money issues with you.’’

Dee Aja also added that he informed Nacee when he traveled to Nigeria to perform the song and it will be untrue if Nacee should say that he was not aware about it.

‘’I told him when I was going to Nigeria and I informed him when I returned from Nigeria. I told him when they gave Onaapo the slogan of the year and told him I will bring it. Maybe I did not put all those right,’’ he said.

Meanwhile, he has promised to settle matters with Nacee.