The President of Ghana has regretted inviting Ghana's Dancehall King, Shatta Wale to the seat of government, this is according to gospel artiste, Cwesi Oteng.

According to him, Shatta Wale presented himself to the government as the representative of the youth but some happenings after he visited the Flagstaff house has made the President regret allowing him inside the Flagstaff house.

Cwesi Oteng who was speaking on GhOne TV indicated that Shatta Wale has lived a contradictory life sending wrong signals and messages to the youth rather than encouraging them to greatness.

Cwesi Oteng indicated that the 'Kakai' hitmaker has been irresponsible with his dealings.

He said, “So I think that it’s quite very irresponsible of him as much I respect him, he is a very influential artist in Ghana”.

Shatta Wale after visiting the President has attacked Nigerians with vulgar language, give gunshot warnings, motivated the youth to smoke wee which is illegal in Ghana and have also assaulted his worker.

Smoke The ‘Weed’ (Ganja), Ghana Police Cannot Do Anything–Shatta Wale Charges SM Fans -

 Cwesi Oteng with Nana Addo

No amount of words can be used to describe the folly of self-acclaimed dancehall king–Shatta Wale. He has really been a hard nut to crack recently. Charging your fans to smoke ‘weed’ (Indian hemp) isn’t something an artiste like him with such a huge following should do.

A captured video of his performance at the S-concert 2017 is currently making waves. Shatta Wale at the S-concert 2017 charged his fans to smoke ‘weed’ without fear because Ghana police cannot arrest them. He claimed he had been smoking for a longer time and
He shouted, “Everybody should smoke ganja, Ghana Police cannot do anything!

The loudmouthed artiste rubbished claims that he had been arrested by the Police for firing bullets in the air as contrary to what has been reported earlier.

Eristic Shatta Wale made these offensive statements at the 2017 S-concert when he climbed the stage to perform.

“Even on my way here, the Ghana Police guarded me; they are not foolish like you to arrest me. Shout out to the police,” Shatta Wale fumed!

Shatta Wale also promised to make his fans happy and will not pay attention to false publications by bloggers.

“Sometimes I just want to make you people happy. People tag me as a bad person; they want my downfall. But they will see that I continue to rise; that I continue to grow tall,” he shouted!

Watch the video;