In public affairs, whenever an office-holder's integrity is impugned by

someone else, the person accused of wrong-doing either resigns, or

refutes the allegations made against him and then SUES the originator of the

defamation in court for damages.
MARTIN AMIDU, former AG of Ghana, has, over the past few weeks, made specific allegations about corruption against our sitting President and NDC candidate for the president, Mr John Dramani Mahama. The statement posted below reiterates some of these allegations and introduce new ones.

These are extremely serious allegations which even countries like Brazil or South Korea would NOT ignore if made against imporrtant office-holders. How can they be ignored when made in Ghana?

They are ignored because we are among the sm8uggest, snobbiest fools God ever created. People would much rather dismiss Amidu as a jilted NDC motivated by jealousy than spare a minute to examine the allegations he's making. And as for the SMART-ALECS among us who think they know the law, it will never occur to them to ask the simple question: IF THE ALLEGATIONS ARE NOT TRUE, WHY HASN'T MAHAMA SUED AMIDU?

This complacency on the part of the elite is what made ordinary people so cynical that they supported students to march in the streets chanting LET THE BLOOD FLOW!

It was not a Biblical prophet but an ordinary philosopher, George Santayana, who said that those who refuse to learn from their own history are cursed to relive it. If we do, it will be well-deserved. And please rememeber that when the other ranks of our armed forces indulged in revenge killings and other barbaric practices such as "Eye hannn! Eye kanea!", a lot of innocent citizens were affected. Here is Amidu's latest swipe at Mahama:

Mahama diverted $13m E.O. funds meant for Western Region - Amidu


Cameron Duodo