Former President Jerry John Rawlings has once again slammed the NDC for what he believes is a poor management of the party. The former president thinks there are disastrous consequences coming the party’s way if nothing changes.

He was speaking to a gathering of former NDC metropolitan, municipal and district chief executives (MMDCEs) working to unite the party ahead of the next general election. The programme was on the theme, “Re-organising the NDC for Victory 2020.

Mr Rawlings said that although it may seem that the opposition party is putting pressure on the ruling government, it was not enough. According to him, the National Democratic Congress cannot just hope to capture power in 2020 without addressing their problems.

Former President Jerry Rawlings
The former president mentioned problems such as disunity in the party and disaffection among the grassroots members. For him, these were prevalent even before the general elections of 2016.

As to why the problems have not been dealt with, Mr Rawlings expressed surprise. He called for the party to return to what he described as its core values of truth, integrity, probity and accountability.

“Those who hold strong beliefs and stand by them tend to suffer abuse, ridicule, insult and sometimes physical abuse; but they remain resolute because truth cannot be adulterated,” said the ex president.

He continued:

“The NDC seems to have become masters of destroying our own and spend endless resources denigrating rivals because their opinions vary. Some of the words that have been exchanged between party members in the past few weeks and months make me wonder how we expect to sow unity and stability in the National Democratic Congress”.

The man many have credited as being the founder of the party said the time has come for the party to distance itself from people seeking power for economic benefits. Mr Rawlings encouraged the attendees to go back and influence the party positively.