Michael Omari Wadie, a former constituency chairman for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the West Wuogon constituency of the Greater Accra region has alleged that government is setting a trap for the incoming administration to fail.

He was speaking in an interview with Rainbow Radio’s morning show host, Kwame Tutu on their claims that government was awarding last minute contracts and recruiting people into various service institutions.

Former finance minister, Yaw Osafo Marfo and representative on the transition team for the president-elect; Nana Akufo-Addo had accused the government of awarding contracts and also recruiting people into the various security services.

Omari Wadie in his submission said the awarding of contracts and recruitment mean only one thing for the NDC and that is, to see Nana Addo fail.

"What you [NDC] are doing only suggest one thing; that you want to create a problem or you want to set traps for the incoming Nana Addo’s administration to fail. And I think that is not good. If you really love and believe in Ghana; if you really want development and advancement; then you will not pray for Nana Addo to fail, because if Nana Addo fails, Ghana has failed and it affects you, it affects everybody. If you really love Nana Addo, you will not pray for him to fail. If you want to attack your opponents, they are better ways to do it."

He quizzed, ‘’Why should you wait until two weeks to your departure before awarding and signing a new contract or recruiting people into the security services?’’

Take advantage of Nana Addo’s change

Omari Wadie admonished Ghanaians to take advantage of the change Nana Akufo-Addo presents to them.

The outspoken member of the NPP reiterated Rev. Canon John Antonio Tello Nelson call for attitudinal change in both our professional and civil lives if we really want the change to materialise.

The preacher man who was the speaker on the day said, Ghanaians voted for change but that change can only happen if negative attitudes such as laziness, corruption, and nepotism among other lifestyles are changed.

"The change has come but how are you positioning yourself to take advantage of the change that has come? Position yourself properly and take advantage of the change," Omari Wadie underscored.

He also commended the president-elect for asking Ghanaians to forgive each other, act with kindness and magnanimity and further admonishing citizens to chart a new path towards national development.