Host of the most popular satirical talk show in Ghana, Tonight with Nii Kpakpo Thompson has expressed his outrage over the politics of ‘life and death’ in Ghana especially as Ghana is preparing to go to the polls on December 7th 2016.

Nii Kpakpo Thompson last Friday on Viasat1 Ghana used his opening monologue to deliver a stern rebuke of the nature of elections held in Africa arguing, “politics is just a mere pursuit of making the lives of the people better.”

Ghana has witnessed a sharp increase in political tensions over the last couple of decades whenever elections are near usually incited by political actors and some electorates who are ignorant about the role of elections in the development of our society.

Addressing this challenge, Nii Kpakpo demanded to know, “Why is it that in Africa, elections are like life and death, why? Only in Africa, I don’t understand why.”

“Other places they do elections and you see from the news that there’s been elections and if you really look at the people going about their daily lives, you wouldn’t see anything it’s only in Africa that you see long queues, people fighting here and there,” he argued.

Nii Kpakpo also insisted that politics is simply not a blood bath and called on the electorates to be put the interest of the nation first and not countenance or perpetuate any form of violence during the December 7th elections.

“Politics is just a mere pursuit of making the lives of the people better, people have different routes. It’s about development of our country. It’s not a blood bath. Those you are fighting for do not even know you.”

Ghana will head to the polls on Wednesday and already, there are many local and international observation missions in the country to help monitor the elections. It is expected that the elections generally would be a smooth, peaceful and possibly a violence free one.