NPP Presidential candidate Nana Akufo-Addo says he believes the arrangements put in place by the Electoral Commission will prevent a recurrence of the mishaps at Thursday’s early voting.

He said Ghanaians have no option but to believe that the elections governing body will live up to its declaration that it will organise the most credible elections in the nation’s history.

There was outrage Thursday when hundreds of security personnel expected to vote early because of duties on election day, December 7, could not find their names on the list of voters.

The situation was widespread and voters got so angry that they threatened to abandon their posts on the election day and go to their respective polling centres to vote.

The EC has been forced to reschedule a second early voting on Sunday, December 4, 20016 to enable the affected persons cast their ballot.

Commenting on the issue in a joint interview with Joy News’ Evans Mensah and Citi FM’s Umaru Sanda, the NPP leader said, “Let’s all go on our knees and pray that the arrangements that they have put in place will ensure that we do not see what happened yesterday on Wednesday.”

“The wish of the Ghanaian people,” he stressed, “is to have an incident-free election so that their voice can be heard.”

Asked whether he believe EC boss Charlotte Osei to lead the organisation of credible election, he said, “I have believed her that she is going to deliver the best-organised elections, I have to believe her.”

Asked whether he endorsed the personality attacks on Mrs Osei by some NPP supporters, Nana Akufo-Addo said adults who criticise the person of Charlotte Osei should take responsibility for that.

He said he does not believe in personality attacks which explain why “we will continue to speak about methods of improving the way public institutions work.”

“The EC is an important institution in our country and all of us are required to give it the best of support, sometimes that support may come in the form of criticism,” he added.

“This is what we have fought for all our lives and the fight for democracy is the main fight of my life,” he stressed.