A group of irate youth at Gomoa Buduburam have apprehended and made a woman, believed to be in his late 40s, desilt gutters in the area.

The woman, according to the residents, is a notorious thief who has been terrorising them for the past years.

A disgruntled resident told Adom News she moves around the area as a mentally-challenged person, carrying a big sack as she plies her ‘trade’.

She is, however, always swift and carries the goods she steals even before being noticed but has been on their watch list for several months.

Unfortunately, luck eluded her and she was apprehended on Saturday morning.

Instead of handing her over to the Police, the residents asked the woman to clean a dirty gutter in the locality, after which they served her porridge and bread.

The residents said they decided not to take her to the Police station because she is always granted bail but comes to repeat the crime.