The National Union of Ghana Students’ on Thursday, June 20, 2019 engaged the Management of the University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom to discuss a bilateral partnership between the university and the Union on scholarship opportunities for Ghanaian students and an annual exchange program for member institutions of NUGS.

The delegation made up of Mr. Kobby Otchere Marfo, Press and Information Secretary, Mr. Eric Guggisberg Asante, Financial Controller and Mr.Michael Ofori, Treasurer were welcomed and toured the campus of the University of Edinburgh led by the African team of the University.

This was to acquaint the NUGS delegation with the systems and many programs the University offers. It was a beautiful moment for both parties to exchange perspectives and engage.

High on the agenda was securing scholarship opportunities for Ghanaian students to study in the University of Edinburgh under the auspices of this partnership.

The Union was successful in this regard with the University of Edinburgh agreeing to allocate a number of scholarships for brilliant Ghanaian students.

The Leadership of NUGS has resolved to decentralize these scholarships to member institutions to meet the needs of eligible Ghanaian students across our country.

Another successful outcome of this engagement was the establishment of exchange programs.

The University of Edinburgh agreed to the suggestions of NUGS on involving all member institutions in partaking in these exchange programs annually. This will give Ghanaian students the chance to visit the University of Edinburgh for academic work and cross cultural engagement.

On the subject of stringent visa restrictions for students who have gained admission to study in foreign universities, especially the University of Edinburgh, the University indicated their willingness to engage the British Foreign Office and Ghana’s Diplomatic Mission in the UK in resolving the challenges.

In order to reassess progress and renew contacts, NUGS executives will be given annual invitations to visit the University of Edinburgh as part of this partnership.

Reacting to the outcome of this meeting with the University of Edinburgh, Mr. Kobby Otchere Marfo, the Press and Information Secretary of NUGS said, “As we received the mandate of the Ghanaian student body to serve, we envisaged a great project of turning around the ship called NUGS to return to the course of defending rights of students’ and also to increase the opportunities for academic excellence among Ghanaian students. The outcome of this engagement is testament to the commitment we have shown and we are certain this is another success on our scoreboard towards making NUGS relevant to the Ghanaian student”.

Eric Guggisberg Asante, the Financial Controller of NUGS added, “We anticipate the agreements inked today with the University of Edinburgh to be a worthy collaboration since we are looking at quite a number of Ghanaian students accessing this opportunity. Resources are hard to come by and we urge the prospective beneficiaries to utilise this opening to the utmost”.

NUGS would like to use this platform to declare it’s readiness to cooperate with leading centres of knowledge across the world in delivering the goals and aspirations of the Ghanaian student.

At the conclusion of this visit, NUGS expressed gratitude and confidence in the budding partnership between the University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom and the Ghanaian student body.

NUGS is committed to striving for the supreme interest of the Ghanaian student and would continue to actively work towards achieving this goal.