Just as written in Paulo Coelho's " The Alchemist", " Every search begins with the beginner's luck and ends with the Victor being severely tested." Likewise, It is another wonderful window in our political calender where the earnest seekers of power ( parties and individuals) have presented their manifestos which must be critically perused before the general elections come December 7th, 2020.

As the NUGS Secretary for Societies & Welfare, I've carefully monitored the launch of a fleet of political manifestos and acknowledge the lofty policies tailored for the Ghanaian youths. However, the 50% slash on tertiary education fees for the 2020/2021 academic year by the main opposition party(NDC) stands tall.

Being a student leader particularly for Societies and Welfare and per the calls I receive in this capacity, I am much aware that students across the Ghanaian landscape and even beyond are confronted with several student-related issues with the greatest being finance. For instance, undue delay in the disbursement of student loans to beneficiaries and new applicants.

Moreso, the emergence of the covid-19 pandemic will undoubtedly deepen the scare of financial crisis faced by students due to its negative impact on our economy and economic activities globally. Thus, I commend this 50% Slash policy, especially the tuition free policy for Students with Disability at the tertiary level.

I'm very optimistic that its operationalisation will go a long way to lessen the financial burden on both parents and students.

By: Richard Bosomtwi
NUGS Secretary for Societies & Welfare
[email protected]