By Zongo Movement for Harmony and Development (ZOMOHD)

Our attention has been drawn to comments made on Metro TV by NDC Member of Parliament for Ningo Prampram, Sam George, questioning the faith of Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia and his promotion of inter-faith harmony in Ghana.

As a mark of respect to the august house (Parliament) Sam George belongs, we, ideally, should have prefixed his name with the revered title 'Honourable.' However, we are unable to extend such honour to Sam George because of the dishonourable and divisive conduct he displayed on national television.

As a Member of Parliament, whose public commentary should promote the unity of the country, especially between the nation's two religious groups, Muslims and Christians, Sam Geroge, rather threw decency to the dogs and questioned the faith of Dr. Bawumia as not being a true Muslim - a declaration which is the exclusive preserve of the Almighty Allah in Islam.

Sam George's main reason for questioning the Islamic faith of Dr. Bawumia was because he (Bawumia) maintains a very good relationship with the Christian community.

Other reasons offered by Sam George to justify his baseless and senseless attacks of Dr. Bawumia, were that he (Bawumia) allowed a Pastor to pray for him, and also expressed his belief, as a Muim that Jesus Christ would return.

What a religious bigot!

In his bigotry, does Sam Geroge expect Dr. Bawumia, as Vice President of a religious-tolerant country like ours, to be an extremist, refuse invitations from Christians, attack Jesus Christ and ultimately promote religious disharmony among Ghanaians.?

Obviously, this is what Sam George and the NDC want Dr. Bawumia to do.

If Dr. Mahamudu Bawunia is noted for his solid relationship with the Christian community, it is perfectly in line with the dictates of Islam, which calls for religious tolerance and respect for diversity!

If Dr. Bawumia stated publicly declares that Jesus Christ, would come back, it is well in order Islamically because that is the belief.

If Dr. Bawumia allows Christians to pray for him, that is a great display of religious tolerance, respect and common sense by a national leader.

Because Dr. Bawumia allowed pastors to pray for him, Sam George arrogantly arrogated unto himself God's ultimate judgement powers, which He shares with no one, by declaring Dr. Bawumia is not a good Muslim.

In Sam George's warped logic, the National Chief Imam, Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu is not a good Muslim because Rev. Father Campbell and other pastors prayed for him inside the Christ the King Church a few years ago.

It is ridiculous that, as a Member of Parliament, who claims to know everything, and ought to know basic religious tenets, Sam Geroege displayed such ignorance with so much arrogance.

If Sam George did some basic research before speaking, he would have realised the high reverence Muslims accord Jesus Christ, the son of Mary, our belief in his miracles and and our belief that he would return, which Dr. Bawumia states unequivocally, to demonstrate the thin line between Muslims and Christians.

And if Sam Geroege had applied a little bit of wisdom before he spoke, he would have realised that Dr. Bawumia, undoubtedly a fine, religiously-tolerant leader, is doing the right thing by strengthening, promoting, and inspiring good relationship between Muslims and Christians in Ghana.

We want to urge His Excellency Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, not to be discouraged by bigots like Sam Geroge in his remarkable promotion of religious tolerance in Ghana. As a leader, it is his responsibility and he is doing that.

Muslims and Christians peacefully co exist in Ghana in the Zongos, in families, at work places, in schools and in the markets. Sometimes we offer Christian prayers and sometimes we offer Muslim prayers when we meet for a common goal. This is the beautiful diversity we have in Ghana - one which Dr. Bawumia remarkably upholds, which we urge him to continue.

It is always a privilege for anyone to be selected to speak to the rest of the nation through the media. Persons who are accorded such privileges have a responsibility to be decorous, truthful, honest, respectful, amongst others, in their utterances, to promote the unity of our country.

The likes of Sam George are notorious loose-talkers, who add no value to intelligent national discourse. On this occasion, he descended deeper into the gutter with his stinking and dishonourable bigotry.

If Sam George's mission was to create disaffection for Dr. Bawumia in the eyes of both Christians and Muslims, he should know that he can never deceive the wise and right thinking members of society, who far outnumber low those who think like him.

It is obvious that the election of Dr. Bawumia as flagbearer of the NPP has sent shivers down the spine of the likes of Sam George and the NDC, who are worried by the serious and real threat Dr. Bawumia poses to the NDC in the North and the Zongos, due to the massive developmental impact he has made as Vice President.

As for what Dr. Mahamudu Bawunia is doing, that is, establishing and maintaining excellent relationship with Christians, right thinking members of our society, both Muslims and Christians appreciate his progressive means.

It is only NDC fanatics like Sam George, who have no respect for religious harmony, who have issues with it due to their bigotry!

Such bigots are a danger to our beautiful diversity, inter-faith harmony and peaceful co-existence.