The Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) will not be able to distribute royalties to its members due to a withheld operating license.

Chairman of the Interim Management Committee for GHAMRO, Rex Omar, revealed this at a press briefing on Thursday, June 1, 2023.

Omar explained that the license has been withheld by the regulator through the copyright office.

As a result, GHAMRO is unable to collect royalties and distribute them to its members.

“GHAMRO’s operating license is being withheld by the regulator through the copyright office. As a result, GHAMRO would not be able to distribute any collection, as it is unable to follow the collection mandate until the license is renewed,” Omar said.

He also emphasized that GHAMRO is against a campaign by some notable persons, including Madam Akosua Agyapong, to stop payments for the use of protected music.

Omar said GHAMRO submitted all the requisite documentation for the renewal of its license in June 2022.

He expressed shock at the decision of the Attorney General of Ghana to withhold the license.

“The Directors and management of GHAMRO wish to assure its members and the general public that adequate steps will be taken legally to have Akosua Agyapong prove all her allegations or retract them, with an unqualified apology to all affected”.


When legendary highlife musician, Rex Omar was elected as the Board Chairman of the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) in 2017, some resentful members of the organization known as UNICOM Ghamro petitioned the Attorney General on GHAMRO’s constitution.

The then AG, Gloria Akuffo through the Efua Sutherland Committee recommended a new constitution, a thorough audit since its inception, and capacity building for GHAMRO.

They were asked to draw a road map, go for a General Assembly, and set up an Election Committee to pave the way for voting.

After complying with all of these, the Election Committee set up failed to deliver on its mandate. For this reason, it was disbanded to make way for a new committee. Unfortunately, the old committee headed to court over the matter.

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Source: citifmonline