Parents and teachers have been urged to inculcate the habit of reading in their children during infancy as that would build their interest in books as they grow.

Miss Faustina Adjei, Principal Library Officer for the Tema Metropolitan Public Library, speaking to the Ghana News Agency on Tuesday, said most people do not like reading due to the inability of parents and teachers to introduce them to reading during their infancy.

Miss Adjei stressed that 'reading starts from infancy and comes to stay when it is consciously worked on over a period of time'

She therefore encouraged stakeholders to introduce children to reading using picture books as the first step, which would easily attract and hold their attention.

The Principal Library Officer said reading was beneficial as according to her, apart from gaining knowledge, reading for leisure takes the mind away from unprofitable thoughts thus making it a good way to keep children from immoral activities.

She expressed disappointment at the low patronage of the Tema Public Library by school children blaming it on the inability of parents to encourage their children to visit the place to borrow and read books.

She further attributed the low patronage to extra classes being organized by schools and 'too much take home assignments' which she said consumed all the extra time that children would have used to visit the libraries.

Miss Adjei noted that as a measure to improve the reading habits of children in the Metropolis, her outfit was considering taking the library to the schools, by visiting them and registering students to enable them borrow books to read at home.

She implored the youth and adults to also visit the libraries and read as a way of enlightening and informing themselves on issues.