Parliament has approved an amount of $338 million for the redevelopment and expansion of the Accra Tema Motorway project.

The project was necessitated by the rapid deterioration of the motorway which often results in traffic congestion and accidents.

The project would include construction works on the 5.7 km George Walker Bush Highway and a portion of the Nsawam road linking the Neoplan Interchange to Apenkwa.

Patrick Boamah, the Vice Chairman of the Finance Committee of Parliament last week disclosed to the media that such a loan agreement was in Parliament seeking approval.

Regarding the scope of work, he said, “The Accra-Tema motorway alone is 19.5 kilometres, but this project is 27.7 kilometres, so one may ask, where are you getting the remainder from? The entire project is divided into three sections. The first section is the Accra-Tema Motorway, which is 19.5 kilometres, and it is going to be the rehabilitation and expansion of a minimum of 10 lanes on the motorway… Then, the second section is N1, the George Walker Bush highway, and the scope is 5.7 kilometres… Then the third scope is the Nsawam road, rehabilitation of the existing six lanes on the Nsawam road.”

“…So this is the scope of work that is going to happen. So you can tell from what I have told you that it is going to be a very comprehensive program that will span about 3 years or more depending on how the project goes. And it is going to be a joint venture between Maripoma Limited and Ghana Infrastructure Fund.”