British born Ghanaian Media personality, Peace Hyde has suffered a major grade 3 ligament tear on her right leg.

According to the heavily endowed TV host,  doctors have told her she won't be able to move freely for the next three months.

In a post on Instagram, the Forbes Africa Head of Digital Media and Partnerships wrote: 'This accident reminded me that no journey is perfect. If this post pops up on your timeline leave a short positive message for me'.

See full post below:

To the BEST weekend of my journey so far (...wait on it fam!) which ended in the WORST way. I had a BAD accident and ended up with Grade 3 Ligament Tear in my right leg???? Yes I am a PROFESSIONAL clumsy person?! Lol!

The doctor said I won’t be able to MOVE for the next 3 months! That’s 12 weeks of TIME LOST! 2016 hours! 120,960 minutes! This accident reminded me that NO JOURNEY is perfect... no one SEES what happens to you BEHIND closed doors. It was a BIG wake up call!

I’ve been on a rollercoaster myself for the past few months and I’ve put a lot out on Instagram but the REALITY is there are SOME battles you HAVE to fight behind closed doors.

LIFE comes at you FAST. If you don't take the time to look around, you'll miss it, FAST. One of our most prized possessions is TIME. You can get a lot of things back in life but you CAN’T GET TIME back. Time is PRICELESS. It's why I am trying to live this one life to the FULLEST and make EVERY second count.