Gunmen suspected to be Fulani herdsmen have attacked travelers on the Dumkwa-Obuasi highway, carting away mobile phones and money from their victims.

The robbery took place on Monday June 9, 2018 around 6am on the Dunkwa-Obuasi highway,at a village called Manukrom near mponuase.

A victim, Akasima Fosu speaking in an interview with Abusua Fm’s Osei Kwadwo said the robbers with pump action guns, came from the bush, stopped vehicles and ordered passengers to lie face down.  
According to Akasima Fosu, about 10 vehicles fell victims to the robbers.

“The robbers rushed from their hideouts and ordered all the passengers to surrender cash and cell phones they were carrying or risked being shot. Some of the passengers were beating by the robbers when they try to hide some of the belongings. They robbers fired gunshots to secure the driver to stop. After their successful robbery they move straight to the other vehicles to rob the passengers.” he said.

He added, effort to get police during the incident proved futile saying the police came to the scene late after the robbers had a successful robbery.